Weekend Postal Coastal

The Weekend Coastal Postal ride (20/21 Jan) was quite the success! We set off as a small group (Xavier Forsberg, Andrew Ford and two BMW interlopers – Michael Rowles and Douglas Lumsden) from the Caltex in Majura Park; 2 BMWs and 3 Ducatis. Consensus was that it was not going to be a cool day given it was nearly 30 at 9.30 am. We caught up with Carolyn Hutton and Shaun Bennetts at Bungendore, and added a pretty 899
and another BM to the group. After departing Bungendore, things got “less frying pan, more fire”. Descending the Clyde, our group was beset by slow drivers, NSW speed camera vans, and blistering heat. Filling up at Bateman’s Bay was a welcome relief; almost as much water was poured down shirts and boots as down throats.

It was so hot jackets into the ice chest was the best solution

The transit to Wollongong was pretty good moving after that: we developed a system of hydration, discovered the only cash-only pub in NSW (though I suspect that has something more to do with the $3 ATM fee), and explored some of the nicer parts of the NSW South Coast. Andrew and his beautiful Multistrada 950, and Michael and his BMW F700GS went their own ways. the remainder of the group headed out to the North of Wollongong, up to Stanwell Park to enjoy the view over the Sea Cliff Bridge before heading back to Wollongong via Bulli Tops and Mount Keira to enjoy more picturesque views of Wollongong. After much lobbying from Douglas, dinner was decided to be at the Wollongong AGA Germania Club. A good feed and a great time were had by the five of us, followed by some much needed sleep! The following morning’s plans started out well. We had a nice breakfast by the beach where we were joined by DOCNSW members Cliff Barrett, Stephen ‘Subzero’ Bowie, Tammy Critcher, and Warren Allen. We were also graced with the presence of a man they call ‘Queen Bee’ or ‘Madam President”, Vinnie Bee.

From Mt Keira overlooking Wollongong

After food, we were led by the locals across some of my old home turf from Wollongong to Berry. We covered some beautiful roads through farm lands along the South Coast before stopping at Berry for our first hydration stop of the day. Good guides make for good rides. It was pleasant to receive the hospitality of our compatriots over the boarder. After a few glamour shots courtesy of Subzero, we set off into the crucible that is the Kangaroo Valley. A short and winding ride took us in, providing views so amazing that Xavier stood on the pegs of his Diavel to get a better look (or maybe that was the potholes). A short hydration stop was required after the traversal, so we stopped in at the pub, where Carolyn and Douglas hatched a devious plan

to stay cool involving our jackets and the pub’s ice chest. Drinks had and gear chilled, we set off out of the valley towards the Southern Highlands. A small mishap saw one of my panniers take it’s own course, entertaining Xavier as it bounced across the road into the bush. I was pretty bloody thankful that Shaun had the ability to lash the thing to his R1200GSA and carry it back to Canberra (we were also treated to a bit of a light show as he set all the forward lighting into a mode that some might mistake for a cop bike). Excitement aside, we got back to moving and managed to climb out of the valley and into Moss Vale without further incident. While filling up in Moss Vale, Douglas, Shaun, and Carolyn took advantage of the amenities; pouring water from the cans near the pump down their backs, fronts and boots (nothing sprouted though).

From Bald Hill Reserve

A tootle among the trees took us from Exeter to Marulan where another water stop was sorely needed. Shaun and Carolyn took the opportunity to get a massage before we all went our separate ways back into Canberra. All in all, this was a good, if not warm weekend and we have made ourselves some good friends on the South Coast. Hopefully you can join me Next time,


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