CDDC President

Ken (Sarge) Purbrick. AKA Mr Pres –  has now been riding for 46 year, in that time I have been a social rider & commuter, Military Police Motorcyclist & display team member, tourer extraordinaire having ridden from east to west, north to south (not quite all the way) and lots in the middle, Army and civilian motorcycle riding instructor with a total of three Hondas, three Yamahas, two Kawasaki’s, one Harley and two Ducati’s in the garage. Although my 1995 M 900 Monster was a to die for bike (had her for 20 years before giving her to my daughter) I don’t reckon you can beat my 2013 Diavel Stripe – Red of course.


CDDC Vice President

Vice President – Alan Bevan  Al has been a long term member of the club and he is also our quartermaster looking after club property. Al has several motorcycles however he has a tendency of working far to hard to get time to ride them.


CDDC Secretary

Secretary – Craig Evans. The quiet achiever. Rides Multi’s and baby Panigirlies.


CDDC Treasurer

Ross Burke –  Enjoy riding my Hypermotard 1100S or 999S on day and overnight rides and socialising with club members.


CDDC Ride Co-ordinator

Ride Co-ordinator Rhys Ban – reformed nerd

I came to Canberra to leave behind a life of web development.  I never thought my passion for Italian machinery would land me managing a web presence for anyone!  I am keen to make this website the best Ducati Club website in the Australian Capital Territory, and I need you to help me!

If you have a question or idea, contact me below!


CDDC Membership

Membership Officer – Angelica Fuller  The new Mrs Fuller seems to love old Ducati’s



CDDC Public Officer

Public Officer: Taco Samios. Has had a close relationship with the Ducati Mirror Replacement Department for many years, as he gets older he seems to be able to keep it up more.


CDDC Regalia

To Be Filled


CDDC Historic Registrar

Michael Fuller. Keen interest in the older Ducatis, and owns a range of Ducati products going back to the 1920’s. Happy to also answer questions on older model Ducati, and having access to a long and large collection of Ducati material a useful reference point for Ducatis in Canberra.

contact –

CDDC Editor

Editor – Joey Beavan. A lovely young lady who is still trying to get her bike licence. Joey had to postpone for several months whilst her broken ankle healed, a result of a Wakefield Park track day. Joey’s only set back is being related to the Vice President.

email –

CDDC Web Master

Webmaster – Michael Fuller

Running the race of webmaster, as the Club members in IT roles can’t.