Privacy, Security and Terms

Canberra and District Ducati Club Privacy Policy

  1. The Canberra and Districts Ducati Club (the Club) collects the following information from members:
    1. Name*
    2. Postal Address*
    3. Phone contact number
    4. Email address*
    5. Date of birth
    6. Tee-shirt size
    7. Models of any Ducati motorcycles owned

Information marked with an asterisk in the above list is mandatory information collected by the Club and is required as a minimum to maintain a register of members.

  1. This information is collected through the Club’s member registration process each year and is held by the Club Membership Officer for the purposes of: maintaining contact with members; maintaining accountability of Club membership; and informing Ducati Australia and Ducati Motor Holding S.p.A. (Ducati) of the membership and activity of the Club.
  2. The Club Committee may also use information gathered from members to contact individual members regarding their membership, or other matters that may arise from time to time.
  3. The information will be stored on the Club’s web server and will be backed-up onto a physical disk by the Club Membership Officer from time to time. The Club is a registered Desmo Owners Club and members’ information will be provided to Ducati for incorporation into the Ducati Club Organizer Portal (the Portal) and the Register of Desmo Owners Clubs (the Register) with the permission of members.
  4. Members may elect to use a pseudonym for the purposes of registration. A pseudonym must be fit to identify an individual member among other members of the Club.
  5. Members may elect NOT to have their information shared with Ducati.
  6. Information stored on the Portal is used for membership accountability with Ducati, and for Club communications. Members registered on the Portal or the Register (Registered Members) may receive emails from Ducati.  Registered Members also receive annual membership kits from Ducati.  If a member of the Club is not a Registered Member, they may not be contacted by Ducati and may not receive communications from the Club.
  7. Information shared with Ducati will be kept by in accordance with its privacy policies, whether under Australian law, or the relevant laws of another country. Information kept by Ducati may be shared by Ducati with its parent company, subsidiaries, and business partners for purposes including but not limited to marketing and relationship management between Registered Members, the Club, and Ducati.
  8. All members will be able to access and update their information through the Club website.
  9. A member may seek access to their information at any time, by writing to the Club Membership Officer. The request must provide sufficient identifying information, in addition to the member’s name (e.g. phone number or email address registered with the Club) to ensure that information released to members is their own and not that of other members.
  10. Should a member wish to remove their information from the Club’s register or from Ducati’s records, a written request must be made to the Club Privacy Officer, in writing, and provide sufficient information to ensure that the correct information is deleted.
  11. After receiving a request from a member to remove information from the Club’s register or Ducati’s records, the Club will take all reasonable steps to ensure that the relevant information is removed as soon as practicable.
  12. If a member becomes aware that the Club has breached their privacy, they should contact the Club Privacy Officer as soon as practicable. Upon receipt of such a request, the Club Privacy Officer will assess the request and consult with the Club Committee about the appropriate course of action.
  13. Any request or complaint to the Club Membership Officer or Privacy Officer referred to in paragraphs 10 to 13 may be made to another member of the Club Committee. The relevant officer retains decision making authority in relation to these matters.
  14. Ducati is incorporated in Italy and is subject to the laws of that country and the European Union. Ducati’s privacy policy is available at:


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