Nelligen 2018

Gaye (848evo Corse SE), Rod (1299S Panagirle), Taso (1299S Panagirle), Doug Multistrada 1100, Chris (696 Monster), Henri (1200 Diavel), Richard (959), Alan (848evo), John (1198 Corse SE), Glen (ZZR 12 KAWASAKI!), Chris (R80 GS BMW!) & Simo (1198).

Following a great decision by the ride co-ordinator not to make the destination close to the snow, the day dawned clear and cool with sunny goodness. For my first ride for the winter, it was a perfect start. The Bakery at Bungendore was surrounded by bikes and their coffee drinking jockeys; everyone ready for a close to on-time departure. 12 bikes stormed off in the usual erratic style. The run through Tarago was refreshing and brisk and largely uneventful for most. Simo had overheating problems and he and Chris decided to turn back to be on the safe side. It’s a bit of worry when a red light stares at you from that row of never-supposed-to-be-seen lights. Once we hit the main road again, it became a case of hopping up the queues of slightly below the speed limit cars. It is a sport of sorts. A quick regroup in Braidwood and then on down the Clyde. Sweeping turns, some of the smoothest, newest, hot mix tarmac ever, and some roadworks – something for everyone. Henri on the Diavel was making good time winding the big bike through the turns. The temperature was going up with every k, (air temperature, not engine or tempers).

All arrived at Nerriga in good order. Rod liked the carpark so much he decided to take a strip of it home on his back tyre – something about a sticky rubber. Simo and Chris were still making their way slowly home. Over fish and chips beer and coffee our President explained why Marquez couldn’t lose, which just proves that: 1. High office doesn’t endow the Pres with special insight; 2. His sources aren’t as reliable as we thought; 3. It is a cover-up worthy of the Commonwealth Bank to distract from obvious use of inside information.

We headed back in the reverse order of removal. Fuel at Bungendore and farewell to some heading straight home, the rest of us went back through Tarrago. John and Glen and Alan feeling the need to test the beer at the Loaded Dog to ensure standards are not slipping. A slightly cool ride home; need new heated grips.

There were lots of bikes on the road, I must have seen over a hundred. Some heading down to the coast and some back up our way. Even a few around Tarago going every direction. Spring must be in everyone’s hearts if not actually here yet. It was good to see so many law enforcement officers out to ensure the safety and orderly conduct of road users. It was also good to see the none of our group needed to discuss anything with them. A great day out and perfect winter ride.

Alan (848) Cory

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