The not club ride, ride to Khancoban for Phil in 2020

The not club ride, ride to Khancoban for Phil in 2020

What a great weekend. How Phil would have wanted it. No stuffing around, good group of mates, good pace and no dramas with great weather. The not-club Phil Goldacre ride was held on the 21st 22nd of November after DOCNSW was invited along to the annual CDDC Khancoban run, leaving no available space for the CDDC members who did want to go. Hard as the executive committee tried, even offering CDDC members to stay in Corryong at AirBnBs?! – This was evidently on the wrong side of a biohazard, Pandemic border exclusion zone (Victoria). The decision was made to move the ride one week back to give club members the opportunity to do this ride justice.

It was obvious that this wasn’t a club event as everyone was on time, fuelled up and ready to go. There was a quick ride briefing and then off to Adamindaby to grab George Step, and breakfast coffee. The day warmed up fast as we headed past the dams and down into Tumut. The lunch stop this year was in Tumbarumba where the group had our own private room. The meals were great, and came out fast, no one was forgotten. Case of beer bought after lunch and the support car’s esky filled ready for some end of trip beers on the Khancoban lawn. Making good pace, no one getting lost, and with only one small drama with a fuel line slipping off the Pantah’s carburettor we got into Khancoban earlier than ever. The swimming pool there was empty, rather than previous years full (of leaves). I think the last time I remember people swimming in that pool, Phil was still with us.

The group mingled on the lawn and in the air-conditioning at the bar. People who don’t know the history behind the ride might think the accommodation is not up to scratch, but it’s really about why we do it, not where we go to. Dinner was good, though the kitchen staff were certainly under the pump.

The next morning, again, everybody was up and ready to go, way too early! Like a well-oiled machine the group set off from Khancoban to Thredbo via the Alpine way. Regrouping at Geehi campground and Dead horse Gap, to let the support vehicle keep up. Debbie did a great job, and it’s a great insurance policy having someone volunteer their time to tow a trailer, carry riders gear, keep drinks cold. A whip around raised some money which was given directly to Debbie to cover fuel costs. From Threadbo, a lazy down hill run into Jindabyne to a new restaurant, The Austrian to test out a new lunch location and to mix things up a little. The restaurant was a bit understaffed and the meals came out scattered, the view, sunshine and company certainly made up for it (Great group of people).

The last legs of the trip and some storm clouds looming, Cooma to Canberra is necessary evil stretch of boring road to get to the good bits. As far as we know no one got wet and everyone had a great weekend. It caused some angst to have two separate rides to the same location one week apart, but it looks like it was the right decision in the end, as it gave people the option of ride A, B or And B as some people did do. With better Executive Committee co-ordination for the future rides, this could be avoided.

Looking forward to Peter Yeend’s Harrietville in March.


Deb – Super Support

Nigel – 1198

Leigh – Multistrada

Taso – Panigale

Tino – Diavel

Craig – Panigale

Rosco – Hypermotard

Tom – Pantah

Daniel – 1098

Paul – K1300R

Angelika – R65

Michael – Pantah

Rod – Panigale

John – Multistrada

Grant – Darmah

Steve – Multistrada

George – MV F4


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Phil Goldacre Khancoban 2020
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