Special Memberships and Awards

CDDC Special Memberships and Awards.

CDDC Life Members

Life membership to CDDC members is granted by the committee to members who have shown a high level od dedication over several years.

CDDC Member No.  Year Joined First Name Surname Partner
1 1978 Ian Thompson Jenny
8 1978 Aksel Martinsen N/A
13 1978 Dave Gordon Barbara
69 1983 Alan Beavan Janine
95 Grant Fuller Kaveta
201 1998 Ian Holden N/A
202 1998 David Shipley Annette
203 1997 Peter Yeend N/A
204 1999 Michael Phillips N/A
205 1999 Taso Samios N/A
403 2002 Gaye McIntyre Chris


As at 09 Mar 2020

CDDC Honorary Members

January 2020 the club committee decided to bestow Honorary membership to affiliated persons. Honorary members do not have voting rights nor can they hold a club position, however they do enjoy all other club benefits.

CDDC Member No. Year Bestowed First Name Surname
TBI 2020 Jenny Thompson
TBI 2020 Barbara Cairns
299 2020 Janine Wilson
TBI 2020 Kaveta Fuller
TBI 2020 Annette Shipley
Can’t Remember 2020 Chris Roberts


CDDC Clubman Awards

Prior to the AGM each year the out going committee votes on the member who has shown the most commitment to CDDC during the past year. A perpetual trophy is engraved with the recipient’s name and presented at the CDDC Christmas Party.

Year Awarded First Name Surname
2011 Michael Fuller
2012 Aksel Martinsen
2013 Gaye McIntyre
2014 Taso Samios
2015 Alan Beavan
2016 Steve Hopkins
2017 Murray Willmott
2018 Taso Samios
2019 Ross Burke
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