Reminder about CDDC historic registration requirements

Historic Club Registration

Another big plus for the Canberra District Ducati club is the ability to Historic Register for ACT and NSW your Italian (or other) bike with the club. So long as the bike is older than 30 years, you’re a valid member and the machine is period correct then it is eligible. Contact at to find out more.


To be eligible for Historic Registration from the Canberra District Ducati Club, you need to attend four club meetings throughout the year and attend 4 club events. Paperwork for the Historic Club Registration is only processed at CDDC monthly meetings. So if you want your paperwork, please arrange to pick it up at a meeting.


  • For the ACT the process is to be a financial member, have a registration inspection (or transfer from full registration to Historic) completed at an authorised vehicle checking station. The club will issue you with the historic paperwork form after the bike has been inspected that it meets historic requirements – which is valid whilst you are financial. Go to the ACT shop front and register or renew your bike there. Please notify the club if your circumstances change so we can keep track of registrations in the club (an ACT Government requirement).


  • For NSW, You must be a financial member of the club to apply for Historic/Concessional registration. As soon as your membership expires your motorcycle is deemed to be unregistered. The motorcycle must be 30 years of age or older. The motorcycle must be as close as possible to original condition, and any non-original components fitted must be period correct. RMS Form 1246 “Application for Conditional Registration”, must be completed by yourself. These are available from RMS Offices.  The motorcycle has to be examined by the Club Registrar to confirm eligibility and compliance with technical requirements. If the motorcycle complies after examination, the Registrar Form 1259 “Historic Vehicle Declaration” and also the Vehicle Identification section of Form 1246. You present both of these forms to your local RMS Office to Register the motorcycle.
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