Moon Rock Cafe Lunch 2017

Greetings to the greater unwashed, T’was a beautiful sunny Canberra day, only minus 6 or so overnight, when I arrived at Coffee Guru Lanyon for the days ride through the Cotter Loop. Arriving first found me in conversation with a bloke and his wife who turned out to be the moderators for a Facebook closed group calling themselves “Ride Free Canberra”, the only rule is the ride starts on time. To gain access send a request to Gary Francis. Next to arrive was Reece from Ducatista riding a lovely white Monster. MOET was the first of the CDDC to turn up, on the ever faithful 848. Surprisingly, we got underway about 1235 for a fun, and as usual, quick run to the Moon Rock Café at Tid (binbilla that is). I was leading this pack of reprobates on the gorgeous Diavel Red Stripe and as I turned onto the Tid road I thought to back off and let the pack close up a bit, MOET now owes me about five years of my life back, you see, when I backed off I relaxed a bit too much – Gaye sucked the breath out of my lungs as she went howling past at warp factor 10.

Recovering, I made a delayed dash to catch up. Now at this point, as well as Gaye on the 848 and Reece on the monster, we also had Hoppy, Marilyn and Andrew (NOT Andy) on various Multi Strada’s (the good looking ones), Rod on the 1299 Panigale, Harley on a Scrambler Icon and Aymon on an ST2. We were joined by Rosco on his 996 and Simmo, with Evette coming out by quadracycle to keep us in line. Now Simmo started out on his 1198, but unfortunately, she didn’t want to go out in the cold so he did the ride on his backup bike 1200GS. The café was unfortunately a bit ordinary, ask Rod about the coffee and Simmo about the time it takes to make a milkshake.

Harley and Rosco departed early due to other commitments and when the milkshake had finally turned up MOET gave us permission to get back to the riding, another quick little run to the Cotter, up to Uriarra through the Twisties and down to a regroup at the Uriarra picnic area only losing Rod who turned up to the end of the bitumen before joining the rest of us at Uriarra. We all blame MOET for not briefing us properly. After a few pics and a last bit of BS we scattered to the four winds, another fun day was had


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