CDDC Crossword – #1


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1) Built for racing only, half a 916

2) The Superleggera Panigale chassis is made from this.

3) The closest city to the Italian Ducati production line

9) Leading the 1972 Imola 200 until the last lap was Ducati rider _______ (Surname)

10) Ducati Scooter

12) The 748 Model designation by specification under the ‘R’



3) Manufacturer of Brakes

4) Transfers force from the cam to the valve.

5) The Ducati Dealer in Canberra predecessor to CMCC.

6) Model that has seen 25 years continuous production.

7) Ducati’s first ever product

8) Your engine will seize without it.

11) Popular Ducati moped model, also means feather in Italian.

13) Over taking in a blind corner is a ________

14) Ducati’s version on the BMW GS


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Created by Michael Fuller

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