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2021 April Newsletter

2021 April CDDC Newsletter Click to view the April Newsletter. Disappointingly, it would seem that no one has fully read the club constitution which clearly states, that a ride report must be sent to the editor after all rides, but…

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February 2021 Newsletter

2021 February CDDC Newsletter Welcome back for a new year of shenanigans. The Feb newsletter contains upcoming rides & club events, a ride report from the January Midweek ride as well as other interesting bits and pieces.

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December 2020 Newsletter

2020 December CDDC Newsletter Better late than never! Consider it an early Christmas gift from yours truly. There won’t be a newsletter in January, and the crux of this one is that there’s a ride on the first day of…

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November 2020 Newsletter

2020 November CDDC Newsletter Please note that the general meeting is being held at the Kingston Hotel one final time. Check out inside this newsletter for the latest information for the Khancoban ride and the Christmas party!  

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October 2020 Newsletter

2020 October CDDC Newsletter Click below to read the latest issue of the CDDC newsletter. Complete with political ramblings (for the AGM of course) MotoGP Tipping Comp updates, & other miscellaneous articles & information!

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